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For best quality of life, many cancer patients who can't be cured might do best to forgo chemo and focus instead on pain relief and easing sleep and mood problems, a survey of caregivers suggests.What If Chemo Doesn’t Help You Live Longer Or Better?

Chemotherapy given to patients at the end of life often does more harm than good, according to a study that calls into question this common practice. Read more


Can We Get Cheaper Cancer Drugs? More Than 100 Experts Weigh In:

Cancer drugs cost way too much and it’s time to take steps to bring the price down, 118 of the country’s top cancer experts said Thursday. Read more


GenproBiotech firm may change cancer treatment with early testing:

WILMINGTON, Del. — What if a blood sample taken by a family physician could diagnose breast cancer months — or even years — before a woman feels the first lump in her chest? Read more


Nurse Beena Varghese greets Bruce Campbell during his appointment at MD Anderson Cancer Center last month. Campbell, who has Stage 4 lung cancer, has been receiving immunotherapy for the last year and a half.  His oncologist, John Heymach, below, proposed the treatment. Photo: Mayra Beltran, Staff / © 2015 Houston ChroniclePatients clamor to get into trials for immunotherapy, the new frontier in cancer treatment:

Bruce Campbell had defied the odds for about three years before his doctor at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center gave him the inevitable news: His tumors were growing again. Read more


Non-genetic cancer mechanism found:

Scientists have made a major breakthrough in cancer research by finding that it can be caused solely by protein imbalances within cells. Until now, genetic aberrations have been seen as the main cause of almost all cancer. Read more