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Malaria Patients Out of ICU in 4 Days With IV Artesunate:

Intravenous (IV) artesunate is safe and effective in patients with severe malaria, according to a retrospective case series analysis published online August 25 in the Annals of Internal MedicineRead more

Risk, management of VTE in bevacizumab-treated colorectal cancerRisk, management of VTE in bevacizumab-treated colorectal cancer:

Risk of venous thromboembolisms (VTEs) in patients with cancer can be high, according to researchers in British Columbia, Canada. This patient population is already predisposed to prothrombotic states. Read more


HealioBack to the future: Chemotherapy dosing in overweight and obese patients with cancer:

Early in the history of modern cancer chemotherapy, treatment efficacy as well as toxicity were found to demonstrate a clear dose–response relationship for most chemotherapeutic agents in both preclinical as well as clinical studies, most notably in highly sensitive malignancies. Animal tumor models showed that as little as a 20% reduction in chemotherapy dose could essentially eliminate the usual high complete remission and cure rates by as much as 50%. Goldie and colleagues and Norton and colleagues also demonstrated that increased chemotherapy dose intensity by virtue of higher chemotherapy doses or shortened interval between doses reduced the emergence of drug resistance. Read more


A review of the revised ACEP Clinical Policy – IV tPA downgraded to Level B evidence:

Nothing seems to stir the emotions of an emergency physician more than a discussion of tPA for stroke: who, why, and when. Skeptics cite problems in the data, and conflicts of interest of the authors. Supporters trust the literature that passed peer review and became policy of emergency medicine and neurology professional societies around the world. Read more