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Study urges more intensive management of high blood pressure:

There’s good news in a National Institutes of Health study for Americans over 50 suffering from high blood pressure — keep the pressure below 120 to reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke. Read more


Half Of Adults In The U.S. Have Diabetes Or Pre-Diabetes, Study Finds:

According to a study published online in JAMA today, nearly 50% of adults living in the U.S. have diabetes or pre-diabetes, a condition where a person already has elevated blood sugar and is at risk to develop diabetes. Read more


Man and grandsonTest shows how old your body really is:

They say it could help predict when a person will die, identify those at high-risk of dementia and could affect medicine, pensions and insurance. Read more


XXX ANTIBIOTIC-RESISTANCE-01.JPGMRSA infections remain a back-to-school risk:

A private Washington school attended for decades by political luminaries and their children is standing out this month for another reason. St. Alban’s is one of the latest schools to to be hit by MRSA infections, which are most commonly thought of as affecting elderly hospital patients. Read more


cholesterol testHow Bacteria Control Your Cholesterol:

We don’t like to think about them, but we have trillions of bacteria living inside and on us. They’re not the disease-causing kind, but these microbes, primarily those that reside in our gut, help us digest food, keep the bad bugs at bay and, it turns out, have a lot to do with our metabolism. Read more