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Alzheimer's diseaseAlzheimer’s disease consists of three distinct subtypes, according to study:

Alzheimer’s disease, long thought to be a single disease, really consists of three distinct subtypes, according to a UCLA study. The finding could lead to more highly targeted research and, eventually, new treatments for the debilitating neurological disorder, which robs people of their memories. Read more


UF Health researchers find some evidence of link between stress, Alzheimer's diseaseResearchers find some evidence of link between stress, Alzheimer’s disease:

University of Florida Health researchers have uncovered more evidence of a link between the brain’s stress response and a protein related to Alzheimer’s disease. Read more



A nurse gives a patient a diabetes test. The Swedish researchers studied 350,000 patients with Type 2 diabetes.Controlling Blood Sugar May Help Prevent Dementia, Study Shows:

STOCKHOLM—Controlling blood-sugar levels may help prevent dementia, a study released on Tuesday showed, offering hope to patients with diabetes that keeping glucose levels in check might reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and other types of cognitive impairments. Read more


Is Alzheimer’s Disease Transmissible?:

In rare circumstances, Alzheimer’s disease might be transmissible, a study suggested. “In addition to sporadic Alzheimer’s disease and inherited or familial Alzheimer’s disease, there could also be acquired forms of Alzheimer’s disease,” according to John Collinge, MD, of University College London, and colleagues. Read more


A glass of wine and pills of resveratrol.Could Red-Wine Compound Resveratrol Help Treat Alzheimer’s Disease?:

A compound in red wine that’s been theorized to have anti-aging effects appears to be safe for people with Alzheimer’s disease, and may point to a new way totreat the disease, early research suggests. Read more