Top News: #Diabetes

Here are the top read news for #diabetes:


How Does a 3-Year-Old Get Adult-Onset Diabetes?:

A 3-year-old with adult-onset diabetes may have been the youngest in the world to be diagnosed with the disease. Read more


Diabetes Drug Reduces Deaths, But Doctors Aren’t Sure How:

A diabetes pill has been shown, for the first time, to reduce deaths among patients taking it. It’s a big finding — and Lilly, the drug company that makes it, is trumpeting the results. Read more


The researchers say their findings suggest excessive sleepiness and long napping during the day may be a warning signal of Type 2 diabetes.Study Finds Link Between Diabetes, Napping:

Daytime drowsiness and taking long naps during the day was associated with an increased prevalence of Type 2 diabetes, according to a review of past studies. Read more


Artificial Pancreas Outperforms Pump Tx in Randomized Trial:

A “closed-loop” insulin delivery system — which monitors blood glucose and administers insulin automatically — performed better than sensor-augmented pump therapy for type 1 diabetes patients over 12 weeks in a randomized study reported here. Read more


JAMA Study Finds Half of U.S. Adults Have Diabetes or Prediabetes:

One of the most startling findings in this study was that in 2012, more than half of American adults had either diabetes or prediabetes. Also of interest was the fact that more than one-third of those who met the study’s criteria for diabetes were unaware they had the disease. Read more