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Ethics in healthcare: Why nurses need ‘moral courage’ to protect patients:

Ineffective leaders often fail to promote moral courage or to address the ethical dilemmas nurses routinely face, such as when they witness or experience bullying in the workplace, failure to obtain informed consent or inattention that may endanger patients, according to an article published by Read more


Why Nurses Should Lead Efforts To Overcome Palliative Care Consultation Barriers:

With many in the community supporting the idea of palliative care being an essential part of critical care, the integration of end-of-life support with curative and life-sustaining intervention is more crucial than ever. Read more


nursesethicsNurses must know what’s in revised Code of Ethics to use it:

Every day, nurses face ethical challenges. The recently revised Code of Ethics for Nurses with Interpretive Statements provides a framework for addressing concerns inherent in the profession. Read more


The Nation’s First Hospital Makerspace For Nurses Is Reinventing Medicine:

The nursing profession exists at the spear-point of medicine. Nurses see the little problems of everyday care: the discomforts or inconveniences of patients and the inefficiencies of hospitals. So, why not enable nurses to make their own fixes? Read more


Megan Goodman, who earned an associate degree in nursing, is still seeking work after applying for more than three dozen hospital jobs.Job-Seeking Nurses Face Higher Hurdle as Hospitals Require More-Advanced Degrees:

Megan Goodman was a dean’s list student at Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences who served on two student nursing boards before she earned her associate degree in nursing in May. Since then, the 30-year-old Downingtown, Pa., resident still is seeking work after applying for more than three dozen hospital jobs. “Truthfully, an associate’s program is not really going to get you anywhere anymore,” she said. Read more