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Is Your Doctor Choosing the Right IV?Is Your Doctor Choosing the Right IV?:

Research on IV devices is underdeveloped, underfunded and understudied. That means doctors don’t always have the information they need to choose the best one for their patients. Read more


ivdrugsCompatibility of Commonly Used IV Drugs:

The number of available IV medications continues to expand. Many institutions have observed an increase in patient acuity and a rise in the number of medications administered to each patient. This increases the likelihood that multiple IV medications will need to be administered concurrently. Read more


Oncology nursesOutpatient, inpatient nurses shed light on work experiences:

Stacia Andrews said she and other oncology nurses at McLeod Health want to cast a ray of sunshine to make their patients feel better and be encouraged.As an outpatient oncology nurse, Andrews gets to see patients who have just begun their battle with cancer, and even see many win the battle.Working as an outpatient oncology nurse can be different from working as an inpatient oncology nurse. Read more


UpperArmPortThe lady on the plane with an upper arm port:

On a recent flight home, I had a very interesting conversation with the lady sitting next to me. This delightful woman happened to be a breast cancer patient currently on chemotherapy. When she found out I am an infusion nurse, she immediately showed me her “implanted port” , which is located on the inner aspect of her left upper arm.


placeholder+imageFDA Releases Draft Guidance on Injectable Drug Dose Labeling:

Citing safety concerns, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is updating its guidance to industry on how to properly label injectable drugs for their appropriate doses. The guidance also updates the agency’s definition of single- and multiple-dose containers and retires the term “single-use,” in favor of the term “single-patient-use,” which the agency says will reduce confusion for some products. Read more