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The Hottest New Cancer Drugs Depend on Gut Microbes:

Few recent developments have created more excitement in the world of cancer research than the rise of immunotherapy. After decades of frustration, scientists have finally found effective ways of turning the immune system against tumors, with spectacular results. Patients with kidney cancers and melanomas that had spread all over their bodies—diseases that would typically carry dire prognoses—have been cured. Immunotherapy, once a poster child for neglect and failure, has finally come of age. Read more


‘Very exciting’: Untested ‘designer cell’ therapy saves a baby close to dying from leukemia:

Five months ago, Layla Richards’s parents were told that their infant daughter was about to die.The child had been undergoing treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukemia since she was just 14 weeks old. She’d been subjected to chemotherapy, flown across the U.K. for experimental procedures, undergone bone marrow transplants and endured countless blood tests. The majority of her year-long life had been spent in intensive care units. And still, cancer seemed to have conquered her small body. Read more


Most pancreatic cancer patients not given key blood test at diagnosis:

A blood test for elevated levels of a tumor marker can indicate the seriousness of pancreatic cancer and help doctors determine the proper path for treatment. Researchers at the Mayo Clinic found in a recent study, however, that just one out of five patients is given the test. Read more


When pregnant women get cancer, what happens to their babies?When pregnant women get cancer, what happens to their babies?

A cancer diagnosis is always upsetting, and that’s especially true when the patient is pregnant. A new study may reassure these patients that their babies can turn out fine despite exposure to the disease and the resulting treatments. Read more


A Tapeworm With Cancer Gave Its Tumors to Someone

Tapeworms are bad enough. They get inside people, lay their eggs, and cause symptoms such as diarrhea and weakness. And they can infest a body for a lifetime. Read more