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The Implant That Helps Fight Cancer:

How the medical port, placed under the skin to facilitate the flow of drugs, makes chemotherapy a part of a patient’s body: An Object Lesson Read more


pediatricpiccPICC Dwell Time Not Tied to Infections in Infants:

Clinicians need not routinely replace uninfected peripherally inserted central catheters (PICCs) to prevent infection in infants, but should remove tunneled catheters before week 7 if no longer needed, according to a retrospective cohort study published November 16 in PediatricsRead more


Vitamin C kills tumor cells with hard-to-treat mutation:

Maybe Linus Pauling was on to something after all. Decades ago the Nobel Prize–winning chemist was relegated to the fringes of medicine after championing the idea that vitamin C could combat a host of illnesses, including cancer. Now, a study published online today inScience reports that vitamin C can kill tumor cells that carry a common cancer-causing mutation and—in mice—can curb the growth of tumors with the mutation. Read more


ivIt’s Way Too Easy to Hack the Hospital:

In the fall of 2013, Billy Rios flew from his home in California to Rochester, Minn., for an assignment at the Mayo Clinic, the largest integrated nonprofit medical group practice in the world. Rios is a “white hat” hacker, which means customers hire him to break into their own computers. His roster of clients has included the Pentagon, major defense contractors, Microsoft, Google, and some others he can’t talk about. Read more


Radial artery access associated with reduced mortality in management of acute coronary syndrome:

In this systematic review and meta-analysis, radial percutaneous access during invasive management of acute coronary syndrome was associated with decreased mortality, major adverse coronary events, and major bleeding when compared to femoral access. Read more