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nursingHow the Nursing Work Environment Affects Patient Outcomes:

“As a key player on the front lines of health care delivery, nurses play a critical role in preventing adverse events, coordinating care and enabling patients to achieve optimal outcomes,” Press Ganey states. Read more

Story image for Empowering Nurses to Remove Catheters May Reduce CAUTIs from MedscapeEmpowering Nurses to Remove Catheters May Reduce CAUTIs:

A hospital-based medical directive allowing nurses to assess patients and remove their urinary catheter (UC) without separate medical orders each time has led to decreased numbers of catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTIs), according to a controlled before-and-after study. The intervention also reduced the number of days patients spent with a UC. Read more


A VNA nurse demonstrates the use of a portable device known as a ZOE to monitor a patient for congestive heart failure. Photo courtesy of VNA Healthtrends.Home health nurses use portable heart monitors to reduce hospital readmissions:

Home health nurse Portia Ollero is amazed that an 87-year-old patient she treats for congestive heart failure hasn’t returned to the hospital in more than a year. Ollero said the woman patient’s physician frequently comments about how he can’t believe the patient has been able to stay out of the hospital for this long. Read more


From 2015 Survey of Registered NursesNearly Two-thirds of Baby Boomer Nurses Now Considering Retirement, Even as RN Demand Rises Rapidly:

A surge in retirements among Baby Boomer nurses is about to hit the healthcare industry, with nearly two-thirds of registered nurses over age 54 now considering retirement, according to a survey by AMN Healthcare and its Center for the Advancement of Healthcare Professionals. Read more


 News_FeatureBanner_110915_702_336_On the move with mHealth: Nurses develop mobile health tools:

Mobile health technology has broadened nurses’ horizons beyond what anyone could have imagined, giving them the ability to improve care and communication and educate patients in managing their own health. No longer do nurses need to assess and make clinical decisions based only on office visits, episodic emergency care and hospitalizations. By using technologies from smartphones to wearable activity trackers and Web-based or downloadable apps, they can monitor patients in the home setting. Read more