Top News: #Healthcare

Here are the top read news for #healthcare:


Doctors debate hanging up the white coat:

The crisp white coat has long been worn to symbolize a profession–and purity. But a small contingent of physicians are forsaking those jackets, in the name of health. Read more


Hospitals finding ways to fight delirium in elderly patients:

Lora Krall says delirium made her mother’s final days a nightmare. The 73-year-old didn’t recognize her daughter or husband. The delirium took hold while Krall’s mother, Harriet, was in the hospital, being treated for pneumonia. Read more

Advocacy groups want 30-hour shifts for novice doctors halted, saying they pose ‘serious health risks’:

Two advocacy groups asked the government Thursday to halt a nation-wide research project that is testing 30-hour work shifts for novice doctors, a practice that was banned in 2011. Read more


F.D.A. Targets Inaccurate Medical Tests, Citing Dangers and Costs:

Inaccurate and unreliable medical tests are prompting abortions, promoting unnecessary surgeries, putting tens of thousands of people on unneeded drugs and raising medical costs, the Food and Drug Administration has concluded. Read More


Risk of Off-Label Uses for Prescription Drugs:

About 12% of drugs doctors prescribe are for uses other than those approved by regulators, a recent study found. So-called off-label prescribing significantly raises the rate of negative side effects, the research showed. Read more