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infusiontherapyBreaking News: Steer Clear of a Single IV Fluid for Resuscitation:

A resident whose patient has an infection asks which antibiotic he should use. You immediately tell him the antibiotic of choice in your hospital, right? Utterly absurd, of course. You don’t have an antibiotic of choice without knowing more about the case. Your decision would be based on multiple factors — the type of infection suspected, possible pathogens, the patient’s condition and previous history, and side effects. Read more

Pharmacists Assess Renal Failure Among Patients Given Vancomycin, Piperacillin-Tazobactam:

When associate professor of pharmacy practice Tadd Hellwig of South Dakota State University and three pharmacy colleagues at the Sanford USD Medical Center noticed that some hospital patients given two common antibiotics developed kidney failure, they decided to take a closer look. What they discovered led to closer monitoring of patients receiving vancomycin and piperacillin-tazobactam due to an increased risk of kidney damage. Read more


Stop the clot! Just 6 extra minutes to save cancer patientsStop the clot! Just six extra minutes to save cancer patients:

Blood clots and infections are the leading killers of patients being treated for cancer. Rebecca Sharp, a nursing lecturer from University of South Australia, has devised a simple method that will reduce the development of clots and save patients’ lives. “Clots form around the tubes that deliver drugs into patients’ veins, and can then break off to block to the lungs or cause other dangers to the patient’s health,” Rebecca said. Read more


Anesthesiologists Take Lead As Ketamine Clinics Proliferate:

A growing number of anesthesiologists are opening private clinics that provide off-label infusions of ketamine to patients suffering from treatment-resistant unipolar and bipolar depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, suicidality and other disorders. Psychiatrists and other physicians have also recently opened clinics. Read more

10041188Chemobrain’ Is Real — and More Likely With Certain Drugs:

Studies have documented the damaging effect that chemotherapy can have on brain functions like memory and cognitive skills, but few have compared different agents to find out which are more harmful than others. Read more