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IOM Report: Nurses Can Improve Healthcare, but Need Help:

There is much nurses can to do improve healthcare in the United States, but they cannot do it alone, according to aprogress report on the future of nursing from the Institute of Medicine. Read more



Nurse practitioner Rachel Moscicki this spring began using speech-recognition software for her documentation, with help from consulting nurse-informaticist Adem Arslani.Nurses turn to speech-recognition software to speed documentation:

Rachel Moscicki is on the leading edge of a movement for nurses to use speech recognition and natural-language-processing technology to record their clinical documentation, saving time and optimizing use of scarce staff. Read more


nursestaffingHigher nurse staffing levels and better working conditions improve survival following IHCA:

Patients with in-hospital cardiac arrest (IHCA) have low survival rates–but why do some hospitals achieve higher survival than others? Higher nurse staffing levels and better working conditions may be part of the answer, reports a study in the January issue of Medical CareRead more


sciencedailyRNs more likely to identify high-risk medication discrepancies:

RNs are more likely than LPNs to identify high-risk medication discrepancies, suggesting RNs are better equipped to assess and identify medication errors that could pose risks to residents’ safety. These findings suggest the need to distinguish differences in responsibilities for RNs and LPNs in nursing homes, the researchers say. Read more


Stock art: interprofessional simulationNurses centered on integrated care teams help patients thrive:

Integrated care teams are changing the way we deliver care by enabling interdisciplinary, collaborative communication between healthcare providers, enhancing the continuity of care from hospital to home and providing enhanced person-centered care for each patient. Read more