Top News: #IVTherapy

Here are the top read news for #IVtherapy:


How technology helps nurses start IVs right the first time:

For any patient who’s ever been stuck multiple times by a nurse trying to start an IV, a medical device now in widespread use at Edward Hospital in Naperville is a welcome invention. Read more


Pressure-Guided IV Fluid May Cut Contrast Nephropathy Risk:

Central venous pressure (CVP)–guided fluid administration before, during, and after coronary angiography can significantly reduce the risk of of contrast-induced nephropathy (CIN) and major adverse clinical events compared with standard protocols, suggests a new study. Read more

Improving IV fluid therapy for children and young people:

New NICE guidance on intravenous fluid therapy aims to improve the safety and consistency of the treatment for children and young people.


ivpatientPatients can be trained to safely self-administer long-term IV antibiotics:

Uninsured patients can be trained to safely and efficiently self-administer long-term intravenous antibiotics, UT Southwestern Medical Center physicians have found, a result that may have profound implications for patient treatment at public hospitals across the country. Read more


Antibiotics a Reasonable Alternative in Appendicitis: Study

Offering the families of children with appendicitis the option of antibiotics instead of surgery is safe and may ultimately lead to slightly better outcomes, according to a new U.S. study. Read more