Top News: #Patient Safety

Here are the top read news for #PatientSafety:


alarmsAt the Hospital, Better Responses to Those Beeping Alarms:

In hospitals, alarms on patient-monitoring devices create a cacophony of noise day and night—beeping, pinging and ringing so often that doctors and nurses ignore them, turn them off or just stop hearing them. Read more


pharmacy10 Strategies for Preventing Medication Errors:

It is important for all nurses to become familiar with various strategies to prevent or reduce the likelihood of medication errors. Here are ten strategies to help you do just that. Read more


visitationStudy supports open and patient-centered visitation guidelines in critical care settings:

Watching the clock is becoming an outdated part of visiting a patient in intensive care, as more hospitals ease restrictions and develop more flexible policies focused on the preferences and needs of each patient. Read more

hospitalroomPatients Leaving Hospitals Often Don’t Understand Care Plans:

Many patients leaving the hospital don’t understand follow-up care plans because the instructions are tailored to people with higher reading levels and more education, a recent U.S. study suggests. Read more