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shutterstock_1154120921-190x100Reduce nurse burnout by treating nurses as well as we treat patients:

One of my most memorable experiences was more than a decade ago while working for a level one trauma center on the East Coast. I was sitting in a hospital break room during one of my breaks as an inventory coordinator when a nurse walked in. I simply asked how her day was going, and she fell into the chair next to me crying. Read more

Ethical Practice with Patients in Pain:screen-shot-2016-01-20-at-8-56-22-am

Pain is difficult to define and hard to convey. The way both patients and clinicians respond to it can be influenced by a multitude of possible biases. This month’s Ethical Issues column in AJN is by Doug Olsen, PhD, RN, an associate professor at Michigan State University College of Nursing. In “Ethical Practice with Patients in Pain,” Olsen summarizes the challenge nurses and other clinicians face in treating patients’ pain: Read more

Seattle skyline at sunset, WA, USA What Are The Best States To Live In If You’re A Nurse?

The nursing industry is expected to grow faster than most other occupations over the next decade, thanks in part to an aging population and the Affordable Care Act. Yet that does not mean that your career opportunities are guaranteed to improve. The outlook for nurses can vary greatly from state to state, and your preference in field or specialty can also be a determining factor in deciding where your nursing skills will be most appreciated in the country: Read more

NursingInformatics_489341888_300xNurses & Information Technology:

Nurse informaticists are currently in high demand due to the U.S. Affordable Care Act (ACA) Federal Regulations, as well as the Medicare program. Today, healthcare staff and administrators are required to use technical resources such as the electronic health record (EHR) to improve healthcare quality, safety and efficiency, while reducing national/state health disparities in the general population: Read more

Advanced_Education_images_AdEd1-702x336Transforming healthcare: Advanced degrees empower nurses to move from bedside to boardroom:

RNs are the largest segment of the nation’s healthcare workforce, according to the Institute of Medicine’s 2010 report “The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health,” but they often are underrepresented on the leadership organizations that shape it. For example, only 6% of hospital board members are nurses, according to a survey published in the Journal of Healthcare Management. Yet industry leaders agree that nurse representation and participation are vital to a governing board’s authority and knowledge regarding the patient experience, quality and safety. As we start a new year, now is an ideal time for nurse leaders to refocus their professional goals to alter this pattern, whether they work in hospitals or elsewhere in their communities: Read more