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Dealing with developmental disabilitiesThis mother drank while pregnant. Here’s what her daughter’s like at 43:

Kathy Mitchell wants to share something with you. She’s not proud of it, and it’s not a behavior she hopes you’ll emulate. It’s just the truth: As a teen, Kathy drank alcohol while pregnant with her daughter, Karli. It was a perilous if unwitting mistake that has defined both of their lives. Read more


Images of faces superimposed on scenes were used in a study of neurofeedback for depressed patients at the University of Texas at Austin to train patients to disengage from negative stimuli.Brain Training for Anxiety, Depression and Other Mental Conditions:

A new treatment for psychiatric disorders like depression and anxiety uses real-time scans to show patients how their brains go awry—and how to fix the dysfunction. Read more


CDC, doctors group issue advice for not taking antibiotics:

Acute respiratory tract infections bring adults to the doctor’s office the most often, and antibiotics are the most common treatment. A physician’s group and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention contend, however, that antibiotics are generally not necessary for the infections. Read more


drugcompanyDrug and Diagnostic Companies Issue Joint Declaration on Antibiotics:

More than 80 drug and diagnostic companies have committed to working together to develop new antibiotics, while calling on governments to improve the financial incentives for doing so, in a declaration released at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Read more

Can We Truly “Cure” Cancer?

In one well-known episode of The West Wing a line about an astronomical effort to “cure cancer” gets cut from the president’s State of the Union. In real life, however, someone wrote the speech that the fictional president Josiah Bartlet never got to give. Read more