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psychiatric-hospital-staff-assaultsAttacks By Patients On Nurses Called Rampant:

Nurses are being beaten and choked during attacks from patients as they struggle with understaffing, a conference heard Wednesday. Read more


Dollarphotoclub_78963383-1-371x298Drug Dependency In The Nursing Field:

Fans of the show Nurse Jackie are familiar with the concept of drug addiction among nurses, but they might not realize that this is actually a very serious issue that affects a significant number of medical professionals, especially those in the nursing field. Read more


CZ32MxIWAAUqY8bThe Choreography Of Care is Etched In My Muscles:

In neurology clinic, I was asked to see a young man with epilepsy — a seizure disorder — due to cerebral palsy from birth. It was one of my first clinical encounters of my first rotation of medical school, the tenuous transition from knowledge-absorber to translator and caretaker. I walked in to find a patient who was wheelchair-bound and largely non-verbal, and who interacted with the world by tracking gaze and moving his arms. He held a toy in one hand that he rotated constantly; the other lay limp on the side of the chair. Read more