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A nurse attends to an infant in the neonatal intensive care unit of the Holtz Children's Hospital at Jackson Memorial Hospital in MiamiThe U.S. Is Running Out of Nurses:

Five years ago, my mother was rushed to the hospital for an aneurysm. For the next two weeks, my family and I sat huddled around her bed in the intensive-care unit, oscillating between panic, fear, uncertainty, and exhaustion: Read more


Dollarphotoclub_8645349710 Responses When Your Preceptor Is A Bully:

Are You Being Bullied? You may be bullied and not even realize it, because bullying among female nurses is highly passive aggressive: Read more


902bd10eb75aaf38Q&A: Vial flip caps:

Q: I was always told back when I was a nursing student, that if you’ve just removed the flip cap from a vial, the vial rubber port is sterile and does not need to be disinfected prior to access. So I just insert the syringe to withdraw the medication. For vials already opened, I do swab with alcohol prior to use. Should I be swabbing the vial rubber port even if I have just removed the flip cap covering?: Read more.