Top News: #Cancer

Here are the top read news for #Cancer:

mammogramThyroid and breast cancer survivors at risk of the other malignancy:

Women who survive either breast or thyroid cancer are at greater risk of developing the other type in the future as a secondary malignancy, says research published in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention: Read more


iStock_000019925240_LargeWhen the oncologist has the ‘breast cancer gene’:

By the time oncologist and genetics researcher Theodora Ross got her MD and PhD, she needed both hands to count the number of her relatives who had cancer. After her beloved sister Bea died of breast cancer at 38, Ross became determined to study the so-called “breast cancer genes,” BRCA1 and BRCA2: Read more


surgeons-operatingDevice delivers toxic chemo cocktail to pancreatic tumor, spares body:

Researchers have found a way to hit pancreatic cancer hard with a drug-delivery device that puts a lethal combination of four chemo drugs directly into the tumor while limiting the impact on the rest of the body. Read more


shutterstock_342951869The end can be sudden in advanced cancer:

It was after shoveling winter snow that Brett began to cough. It was a dry cough, a morning cough, a “smoker’s cough.” It persisted, grew deeper. Several weeks later, there was a particularly harsh cough and in the sink was a crimson blob. Frightened, he called his doctor: Read more