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NYPD Chief Bratton And NY State Attorney Gen. Schneiderman Speak On The Community Overdose Prevention ProgramWalgreens To Begin Selling Heroin Antidote Without Prescription:

Walgreens has announced it will now be offering the heroin antidote Naloxone over the counter without a prescription, a move law enforcement officials say will save lives: Read more


2-2-16 - Pharmacist Joe Harmison at DFW Prescriptions in Grand Prairie, TX.Opioid crisis puts pharmacists on the front line, pressed to serve as drug cops:

Pharmacist Joe Harmison has been burglarized so many times, he protects his business with a siren-and-strobe-light security system. He keeps his most potent pain pills locked in a gun safe, in a room protected by a steel door.  Still, he was hit with two attempted break-ins in two days last month.  It’s the price he pays for running a pharmacy as an opioid epidemic sweeps the United States: Read more


pillsA ‘nudge’ reduces doctors’ unnecessary antibiotic prescription, study finds:

Behavioral interventions that appealed to doctors’ competitive spirits and desire to strengthen their reputations motivated them to significantly reduce unnecessary antibiotic prescriptions, a new study shows: Read more


frontline-of-healthcare-pharmaThe Way Drugs Are Prescribed Is Changing:

The way doctors make decisions about which drugs to prescribe is changing amid broader trends in the U.S. healthcare industry. Physicians report more restrictions on the drugs they can prescribe, and sales reps have continued to see their influence decline: Read more