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vitamin-D-300x200Vitamin D levels connected to metastasis-associated protein, Stanford study finds:

A preliminary study conducted primarily in laboratory mice indicates that breast cancer cells metastasize more readily when the animals have low levels of vitamin D: Read more

Breast_CancersSingle dose of Trastuzumab initiated stronger immune response among certain breast cancer patients:

A single dose of the drug trastuzumab was enough to kickstart a stronger immune response in a subtype of HER2- positive breast cancer tumors. Researchers from Case Western University said that the immune system response could be measured after the first dose by checking the immune activity within tumor tissue: Read more

type-1-diabetesPeople With Type 1 Diabetes Face Increased Risk For Some Cancers:

Type 1 diabetics may be at greater risk for certain types of cancer, according to a new study published in Diabetologia. Up until now, the study authors reported the link between diabetes and cancer has not specified the type of diabetes,: Read more


56d96f4a45bb5Melanoma expert discusses dangers of indoor tanning:

As spring break plans are being finalized, many people are heading for the tanning salons to get that beach-ready glow. However, Jeffrey Sussman, MD, professor and surgical oncology division chief at the UC College of Medicine and surgical oncologist with UC Health and the UC Cancer Institute, urges those who are tempted by the thought of indoor tanning to think again: Read more

istock000022583998largeLook beyond number of moles to catch deadly melanoma:

Counting the number of moles on your body is a common way to assess your risk of deadly skin cancer, but the number alone is not all that matters, according to new research. In fact, many people diagnosed with melanoma often have few moles, a study published today in JAMA Dermatology finds: Read more