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Sexy man in nurse suit with stethoscopeCongratulations Nurses – You’re America’s Most Trusted Professionals:

Yet again, nursing has been rated the most trusted profession in Gallup’s annual poll on the honesty and ethics of various professionals. Considering the fact that nurses have topped the list nearly every year, this is hardly surprising. However, it’s interesting that nurses have almost always managed to beat out other professionals, including medical doctors and pharmacists, in the minds of Americans when it comes to trustworthiness. When we took the time to consider why this might be the case, we came up with the following potential explanations: Read more


NW_Chronic_300xNurses’ Vitality to Chronic Medical Care:

Approximately 133 million Americans – 45% of the total American population suffer from at least one chronic disease such as cancer, osteoporosis, chronic health or lung disease or chronic neurological disorders. Furthermore, seven out of ten of these people succumb to death after enduring tremendous pain. Providing quality healthcare for people suffering from chronic medical conditions is one of the biggest challenges the US healthcare system has to face – even bigger than providing urgent or emergent care for the more mundane medical conditions. It’s not just the alarming state of human health and disease that’s an issue of concern, but also the affordability and accessibility of adequate and reliable facilities: Read more


AR-160309858.jpg&maxW=400Fighting the nursing shortage with technology:

Nurses are constantly in high demand. After all, people are always getting sick, and nurses are dedicated to helping their patients recover as quickly as possible. Right now, there are more than 3.1 million registered nurses in the United States, with about 84% of them actively employed in the nursing field. With all of the amazing men and women who make up the nursing profession, it’s hard to believe that there could be a nursing shortage. The problem isn’t a lack of willing individuals — it’s a lack of nursing instructors: Read more

Florence Nightingale5 Badass Female Nurses from History You Should Know (But Probably Don’t):

Willingly or not, most of the time people associate the medical world with doctors rather than with nurses. That is a fairly wrong view since nurses are responsible for running a hospital smoothly perhaps even more than doctors. History itself hasn’t been too fair to nurses either – there is not much credit given to them in the past century. One of the reasons for that is that nurses used to come from the lower class, and nursing was not one of the most appreciated careers: Read more