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images.washingtonpost.comThe science (or lack thereof) behind the ‘no-poo’ hair trend:

Shampoo dries your hair out, and most people use it way too much. But with more and more folks shirking the stuff entirely in favor of the “no-poo” trend, we have to ask — is going cold turkey on sudsing really the best move for everyone? And what does science have to say about it? The latest videos from the American Chemical Society’s Reactions series have the 411. Here’s what you should know: Read more


image_1457672578_30016465A gastroenterologist shares practical advice on probiotics:

The microbiome is among the hottest topics in medical and scientific research. The National Institutes of Health and private foundations have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in research to define and characterize the human microbiome. In the next decade, billions more will be devoted to deciphering how microbes influence human health in a positive manner. The White House Office even issued a national call to action for new commitments to microbiome research from all sectors: Read more


la-fi-pistachios-salmonella-2016030Pistachios, some under Trader Joe’s label, recalled due to salmonella outbreak:

Federal health officials are investigating a salmonella outbreak traced to a California pistachio grower. Some batches of Wonderful Pistachios, grown by the Wonderful Co. of Lost Hills, have been recalled after 11 people in nine states were infected with Salmonella Montevideo, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Two were hospitalized, the centers reported Wednesday. The pistachios were marketed under the Wonderful, Paramount Farms and Trader Joe’s labels, according to the CDC: Read more


BubblesThe Water Diet: Can you lose weight just by drinking more water?

Water is a tame beverage with a tumultuous public-health history. For decades, doctors said we should be drinking eight glasses of the stuff each day. By the time Michelle Obama had built a campaign around water, the backlash had begun. “There’s no real scientific proof that, for otherwise healthy people, drinking extra water has any health benefits,” Indiana University pediatrics professor Aaron E. Carroll wrote in The New York Times last year. A new study suggests there is a benefit, though—a big one. Drinking water might just help you eat less. According to the paper, published in the Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics, drinking more water is associated with eating fewer calories, as well as less sugar, salt, and cholesterol: Read more


Variety of traditional New York style bagels with seedsStarchy Foods Can Increase Risk of Lung Cancer:

People who eat sugary, starchy foods potentially are at higher risk for lung cancer, even if they don’t smoke. Researchers noted that foods with a high glycemic index – like bagels, white rice, melons, and pineapples – raise blood sugar levels and stimulate the production of insulin: Read more