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 1458760442053How much does chemo impact fertility?:

New study looks at how chemo affects childhood cancer survivors’ ability to have kids later in life. A new Fred Hutch study looked at chemotherapy’s impact on the fertility of young cancer patients later in life. Women fared better, for the most part, with about 70 percent of survivors able to have kids. Men were significantly less likely to father children after undergoing chemotherapy as kids: Read more


older-lady-and-doctorAntipsychotic drugs may be harmful for people with Parkinson’s:

Research has shown that up to 60% of patients with Parkinson’s experience psychosis and 80% develop dementia. Antipsychotics, such as quetiapine, are commonly prescribed. Potential adverse effects of antipsychotic drugs include reduced alertness, a higher risk of diabetes and heart disease, low blood pressure and, in the long term, movement disorders that resemble those seen in Parkinson’s: Read more


402281 in 6 Seniors Takes Dangerous Combos of Meds, Supplements: Study:

More seniors than ever are taking supplements alongside their medications, a practice that puts them at risk for dangerous drug interactions, researchers report. More than 15 percent of older Americans took potentially life-threatening combinations of prescription medications, over-the-counter drugs and dietary supplements in 2011, the study showed. That was almost a twofold increase from 2005, when 8.4 percent of seniors did so: Read more


bevacizumabuBevacizumab use in preemies associated with disabilities:

Bevacizumab (Avastin) used to treat retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) may be linked to serious disabilities such as cerebral palsy and hearing loss, according to a study published online March 17 in Pediatrics. The researchers found that the odds of severe neurodevelopmental disabilities were 3.1 times higher in infants treated with bevacizumab versus laser, after adjustment for gestational age, gender, maternal education, Score for Neonatal Acute Physiology-II, bronchopulmonary dysplasia, sepsis, and severe brain injury: Read more


menavoidimpoMen, avoid impotence drugs before surgery:

Men should not take erectile dysfunction drugs such as Viagra and Cialis just before surgery, experts say. The drugs contain nitric oxide, which opens blood vessels and relaxes muscles. This can cause a patient’s blood pressure to become dangerously low when combined with anesthesia and other drugs used during surgery, according to the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA). The group advises men not to take Viagra or Cialis the day before surgery because the drugs take more than 24 hours to clear the body. It’s also important for men to inform the person administering their anesthesia about their use of erectile dysfunction drugs: Read more