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carolyn-rossi_2_7701A Nurse’s Lesson: Babies in Opioid Withdrawal Still Need Mom:

Carolyn Rossi has been a nurse for 27 years, and she’s been fiercely protective of infants in her intensive care unit — babies born too soon, babies born with defects and, increasingly, babies born dependent on opioids: Read more



shutterstock_53152333Call people by their rightful name. It matters more than you think:

This certainly doesn’t happen only to physicians.  Not being a nurse myself, I always wonder at how they put up with having people bellow “Nurse!” after them, despite introducing themselves … and wearing a name tag.  I want to ask them, who do you think will be first on the scene when you have a problem — or worse, if you need resuscitation?  That’s right — your nurse.  I suggest taking the time to learn their name: Read more


Beyond-Direct-Patient-Care-Five-Nursing-Specialties-to-Consider-600x373Beyond Direct Patient Care: Five Nursing Specialties to Consider:

Being a nurse does not have to involve direct patient care. Nurses have a number of career options available to them if they want to be a part of the health care industry, but don’t want to work in a clinical setting. Many of these types of positions will put you in a management position, making them perfect for senior nurses who are looking to broaden their job prospect horizons. If you are just getting started in your nursing studies and not sure which direction you are going in, these five specialties will give you something else to consider: Read more


Sexy man in nurse suit with stethoscopeAre Nurses Immune to the Gender Pay Gap?:

One may assume that with a gender slanted profession like nursing, there would be no gender pay gap, or at the very least it would be shifted in the other direction. Yet surprisingly, nurses are finding that it does exist, and on a much larger scale than you may think. Understanding why a gender pay gap exists in the nursing profession – and at all – is the first step towards closing it and creating pay equality for all: Read more


0x600Is Nursing A STEM Field? Even Experts Disagree:

While pulling together the America’s Best Value Colleges list, we hit upon a surprisingly contentious question: Would a nursing program fall under the STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) umbrella? Or are nursing and similar fields kind of their own thing?: Read more