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portraits_john04_wide-732d926fdc59ac3718cafdf5dcef39c65302dc7e-s800-c85When An Autism Diagnosis Comes In Adulthood:

Earlier this year, Weekend Edition profiled three families and their experiences after a child was diagnosed with autism. At the time, we also asked listeners to share their own stories. Among the responses were many from people who didn’t get diagnosed until they were adults. Some had suspicions about their condition growing up. For others, the diagnosis was a revelation as much as it was a relief. Here are three that struck a chord: Read more


What Does it Mean to ‘Look Autistic?’:

“But you don’t look autistic,” a new friend told me recently when I revealed my diagnosis. I could tell from his tone that he meant it as a compliment—his tone wasn’t accusatory so much as reassuring. It was as if he were trying to tell me that I could still find nourishing friendships “anyway,” or at least that our budding one wasn’t threatened. Because this was not the first time I’d been told that I “don’t look autistic,” I had a response ready: “And what is it that you think autistic people look like?” He froze: Read more


lead_94460Where the Vocabulary of Autism is Failing:

Alex’s parents describe her as ‘low-functioning,’ whereas John’s describe him as ‘high-functioning.’ But these labels can be misleading. “Parents often ask around the time of diagnosis, ‘Where on the spectrum is my child; is he at the high or low end?’” says Tony Charman, professor of clinical child psychology at King’s College London. “You sort of do know what they’re asking, but you don’t [really know]. Are they asking about ‘autism severity’? Are they asking about functioning or everyday adaptation?”: Read more


What you need to know about vaccines, autism, and the hubbub over ‘Vaxxed’:

The film is directed by a discredited British researcher, Andrew Wakefield, known for promoting the debunked notion that vaccines are linked to autism. It had been set to premiere April 24 at the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival. But amid a storm of outrage, actor and festival cofounder Robert De Niro, yanked it from the schedule. Here’s what you should know about the controversy: Read more


960x0Robert De Niro Chooses Fact Over Fear: Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism:

Actions really do speak louder than words. By putting an anti-vaccine propaganda film on its schedule and then taking it off after learning more facts, Robert De Niro and the Tribeca Film Festival made a significant contribution to the public discussion about the possible causes of autism. Their action speaks volumes; the MMR vaccine does not cause autism: Read more