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a-young-woman-in-a-restaurant-looking-at-her-phone-and-working-on-her-laptop-computer-16x9-1024x576Endometriosis and Heart Disease: Is There a Link?:

A new study suggests that women with endometriosis, a painful gynecologic disease, may be at higher risk for coronary heart disease. Mayo Clinic reproductive endocrinologist Dr. Gaurang Daftary says the 20-year study of nurses in Massachusetts is the first study to investigate whether these two conditions are related: Read more


gender-gap-heart-attackGender gap in death from heart attack is global, Yale-led study finds:

The researchers found that women in all countries studied experienced a mean delay of 5.3 minutes from hospital presentation to restoration of blood flow to the heart — known as “door to balloon” time. This finding is notable given that successful intervention and survival depends on minimizing treatment time, said the researchers: Read more


04heart-web-blog427Dashing Hopes, Study Shows a Cholesterol Drug Had No Effect on Heart Health:

It is a drug that reduces levels of LDL cholesterol, the dangerous kind, as much as statins do. And it more than doubles levels of HDL cholesterol, the good kind, which is linked to protection from heart disease. As a result, heart experts had high hopes for it as an alternative for the many patients who cannot or will not take statins. But these specialists were stunned by the results of a study of 12,000 patients, announced on Sunday at the American College of Cardiology’s annual meeting: There was no benefit from taking the drug, evacetrapib. The drug’s maker, Eli Lilly, stopped the study in October, citing futility, but it was not until Sunday’s meeting that cardiologists first saw the data behind that decision: Read more



athereclerosis_custom-dc087f4f53a72d4580b65589b99c2298f78de183-s1100-c15Possible Heart Benefits Of Taking Estrogen Get Another Look:

The findings dovetail with a 2012 study of 1,000 Danish women, which found that those who received about 10 years of hormone therapy (starting within a year of menopause) had a lower risk of premature death, heart failure and heart attack and did not experience a higher risk of cancer, blood clots or stroke: Read more


Senior British cardiac surgeon Wells is filmed during a complex mitral valve reconstruction at Papworth Hospital in CambridgeLess-invasive heart valve implant outperforms surgery in study:

A minimally invasive procedure to replace the aortic heart valve is superior to open surgery for patients with an intermediate risk of complications, according to a study that could pave the way for wider use of the approach. The procedure, called transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR), is currently available only for patients considered unlikely to survive open heart surgery or at high risk for complications: Read more