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111228105913-janet-jackson-performs-1111-large-169Is 50 the new 40 for motherhood?:

Janet Jackson might soon become the new symbol of the rise of the 50-year-old mom. The 49-year-old singer/songwriter, who turns 50 next month, announced to fans in a video on Twitter on Wednesday that she would be delaying the second leg of her “Unbreakable” world tour because she and her husband are focused on family planning: Read more


_89035046_baby-promo-red-boxWhy babies all over the world are now sleeping in boxes:

Nearly three years ago, the Magazine reported on the Finnish baby box – a starter kit of clothes, sheets and toys the state gives to expectant mothers. The story went viral and was read by 10 million people in 18 months. Now the box idea itself is spreading around the world: Read now


whennewbornsWhen newborns struggle to breast-feed, a simple surgery may be the answer:

He soon confirms what the mother and her lactation consultant suspected: Scarlett has a lip-tie and tongue-tie. In infants with tongue-tie, the frenum—the string of mucosal tissue that connects the tongue to the bottom of the mouth—is too short, limiting a baby’s ability to move the tongue: Read more



0-5DEETJP1-master675DEET Seen as Safe for Pregnant Women to Avoid Zika Despite Few Studies:

This summer, some yellow-fever mosquitoes carrying the Zika virus are expected to arrive along the Gulf Coast and elsewhere in the continental United States. Health officials are urging people to use insect repellents with DEET to avoid being bitten. The mounting evidence that the virus is strongly linked with birth defects makes this a priority for pregnant women. But is it safe to use repellents containing DEET with a baby on the way?: Read more


babies-1Pregnant and Addicted: The Tough Road To A Healthy Family:

Amanda Hensley started abusing prescription painkillers when she was just a teenager. For years, she managed to function and hold down jobs. She even quit opioids for a while when she was pregnant with her now 4-year-old son. But she relapsed. Hensley says she preferred drugs like Percocet and morphine, but opted for heroin when short on cash. By the time she discovered she was pregnant last year, she couldn’t quit: Read more