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1460506677171Doctors were startled to find the cause of this 24-year-old’s excruciating pain:

The Mayo pathologists classified the tumor as an extremely fibrous growth called a desmoid, a slow-growing mass that typically affects women younger than 40. Because the tumor was attached to the mesentery, the fold of tissue that connects the small intestine to the abdominal wall, the condition is also called mesenteric fibromatosis: Read more


chemotherapyChemotherapy delivered directly to tumors may slow pancreatic cancer:

Pancreatic cancer is the third leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States, in part because it is very difficult for chemotherapy drugs to reach the pancreas, which is located deep within the abdomen. To help overcome that obstacle, researchers from MIT and Massachusetts General Hospital have now developed a small, implantable device that delivers chemotherapy drugs directly to pancreatic tumors: Read more


computer-display-of-a-brain-scan-16x9Radiation Therapy Chemotherapy Combination Improves Survival in Adults with Low-Grade Brain Cancer:

Patients with a low-grade type of brain tumor called glioma who received radiation therapy plus a chemotherapy regimen, including procarbazine, lomustine and vincristine (PCV), experienced a longer progression-free survival and overall survival than patients who received radiation therapy alone, according to the results of the clinical trial, Radiation Therapy Oncology Group (RTOG) 9802 published in the April 7 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine: Read more


1460405561319Improving survival and reducing side effects in Hodgkin lymphoma:

A new study published Monday found evidence that patients with advanced Hodgkin lymphoma are more likely to go into remission when their chemotherapy regimen is guided by imaging partway through treatment. The strategy also reduced toxic side effects for many patients: Read more


abbvie-CST-071914-01.jpgAbbVie wins FDA OK for new leukemia drug:

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Monday approved a new type of drug that targets a subset of leukemia patients with a genetic abnormality that makes the cancer harder to treat. Venclexta was approved for patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia who have relapsed or weren’t helped by a prior treatment and who are missing the part of chromosome 17 that kills cancer cells. That allows the blood cancer to worsen: Read more