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wholemilk_custom-b087f8c70f0fc85139cca28a158910110a3957da-s800-c85The Full-Fat Paradox: Dairy Fat Linked To Lower Diabetes Risk:

A new study finds the dairy fats found in milk, yogurt and cheese may help protect against Type 2 diabetes. The research, published in the journal Circulation, included 3,333 adults. Beginning in the late 1980s, researchers took blood samples from the participants and measured circulating levels of biomarkers of dairy fat in their blood. Then, over the next two decades, the researchers tracked who among the participants developed diabetes: Read more


19DIABETES-1460994417007-tmagArticleHope for reversing Type 2 Diabetes:

Many experts believe Type 2 diabetes is an incurable disease that gets worse with time. But new research raises the tantalizing possibility that drastic changes in diet may reverse the disease in some people. Recently, a small clinical trial in England studied the effects of a strict liquid diet on 30 people who had lived with Type 2 diabetes for up to 23 years. Nearly half of those studied had a remission that lasted six months after the diet was over. While the study was small, the finding offers hope to millions who have been told they must live with the intractable disease: Read more


la-2456157-me-diabetes--screening-2-ajs-jpg-20160418Doctors’ message to Asian Americans: Watch out for diabetes even if you’re young and thin:

The patients filing into Dr. Ronesh Sinha’s clinic in Redwood City, Calif., were like nothing he had ever seen. As a doctor in training, Sinha studied which patients were usually diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes: they were at least middle-aged, ate too much fast food, drank soda and didn’t exercise: Read more


20160418-islet-1Islet transplantation restores blood sugar awareness and control in type 1 diabetes:

New clinical trial results show that transplantation of pancreatic islets — cell clusters that contain insulin-producing cells—prevents severe, potentially life-threatening drops in blood sugar in people with type 1 diabetes. Researchers found that the treatment was effective for people who experienced episodes of severe hypoglycemia — low blood sugar levels that can lead to seizures, loss of consciousness and death — despite receiving expert care: Read more