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preceptor1-600x400Becoming The Nurse You Want To Be By Making The Best Of Your Externship With A Preceptor:

When you start at any career or position, there is going to be the time before your employer will just turn you loose, for nursing students especially, that time can be fraught with anxiety and anticipation of the worst. Fear not, the good news is that the person who will be overseeing your activities and evaluating what you learned throughout your years in nursing school has once been in your shoes: Read more


LOL-600x3734 Essential Job-Hunting Tips For New Nurses:

You’ve finished nursing school, and now it’s time to start looking for your first job as a new nurse. Despite what you may have heard, finding a job as a new nurse isn’t always a walk in the park. Don’t stress about it too much, though, because the following advice should help you land your first nursing job with relative ease: Read more



NW_cover_040416Taking Control: Nurse-led rounds give the profession a greater voice in patient decisions:

Nurse Integrated Rounds have produced positive results. “We have seen a significant decrease in catheter-associated urinary tract infections and central line-associated bloodstream infections,” Seerup said. It’s routine practice for nurses to question the necessity of central lines during rounds. As a result, fewer central lines have been used, contributing to the drop in infections: Read more


shutterstock_148391531A 10-step guide to clinician burnout:

1. Quit taking care of yourself. There is no upper limit to the needs of patients. There is always more medicine to learn and do. Add to this the needs of children, aging parents and a partner — your time for yourself quickly becomes zero. Want to get burned out quickly? Quit exercising. Eat on the run. Have disrupted sleep. Don’t set professional boundaries. Miss enough first steps, parent’s medical appointments, anniversaries and you will be well on your way: Read more


shutterstock_340301054How to destroy a great ER: A step by step guide:

In the nine years that followed, my perfect job turned into a nightmare.  Similar to beach erosion, each wave of change slowly washed away an aspect of the job which had previously made it great.  The job I took ten years ago would be unrecognizable to me today, just like the way a coastline can become unrecognizable after the ocean pummels it over time.  Dozens of experienced staff members left, wait times exponentially increased, satisfaction scores nose-dived, morale dramatically dipped, and most importantly, clinical care greatly suffered: Read more