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Mumps_PHIL_130_loresHow Dangerous Are College Outbreaks Of Mumps To You?:

The infection is rare enough that most physicians have never seen mumps. I started medical school in 1974 and have never seen a case. It’s not surprising that there are delays in diagnosis, with some physicians initially thinking the patient had cellulitis or a similar infection: Read more



960x0Prince’s Death Highlights Misconceptions About The Flu:

Rumors are that flu led to the death 57-year old singer, songwriter, and entertainer Prince and that he had been sick with the flu (short for influenza) over the past week or two. Regardless of whether this was indeed the case, the news has generated reactions that have raised different questions and misconceptions about the flu: Read more

1It’s Better To Get Your Flu Vaccine In The Morning: Here’s Why:

The study found that if vaccines are administered in the morning—as opposed to the afternoon—they induce more robust, and therefore more protective antibody responses: Read more



160202-zika-03-jsw-720a_182b09671ff3d461c4dc46cff2bb50ad.nbcnews-ux-320-320First Commercial Zika Virus Test Gets FDA Approval:

The first commercial U.S. test to diagnose Zika virus won emergency use authorization from the Food and Drug Administration Thursday. It’s a rare piece of good news as states and the federal government struggle to get out ahead of the Zika virus epidemic as it makes its way north to the U.S.: Read more


1-antimicrobiaAntimicrobial treatment no benefit after kidney transplant:

For patients undergoing kidney transplantation (KT), systematic antimicrobial treatment of asymptomatic bacteriuria (AB) beyond the second month post-transplant is not beneficial, according to a study published online April 18 in the American Journal of Transplantation.: Read more




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