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gettyimages-138373303_custom-74829de790e793af4a9c72450ceb82d397520f2a-s1100-c15‘Biggest Loser’ Lessons: Why The Body Makes It Hard To Keep Pounds Off:

New research into the lives of past contestants found many regain much of the weight they lost in the show — sometimes 100 pounds or more — because their biology works against them. The research appears in Monday’s issue of the journal Obesity: Read more


5720cf21e70defNo time to get fit? Think again—Just one minute of intense exercise produces health benefits:

Scientists set out to determine how sprint interval training (SIT) compared to moderate-intensity continuous training (MICT), as recommended in public health guidelines. They examined key health indicators including cardiorespiratory fitness and insulin sensitivity, a measure of how the body regulates blood sugar: Read more



Water-Aerobics-RoutinesExercise can minimize side effects of drugs used in cancer treatment:

A pilot study that looked at the effect of exercise on breast cancer patients taking drugs known as aromatase inhibitors (AIs) showed that exercise diminished the joint pain experienced by some patients. “The problem is that patients stop taking the AIs because of the pain,” said DeNysschen, “but the AIs reduce the risk of cancer recurring.”: Read more


exercisescieExercise scientist examines mechanics of movement in MS patients:

Simple daily living activities, such as handwashing, can become difficult for MS patients due to balance issues, explained Bowser. “Because of problems with balance and instability, MS patients may become less physically active and, thus, more susceptible to illnesses due to a sedentary lifestyle.”: Read more


24FITCITY2-facebookJumboAt 100, Still Running for Her Life:

On a cloudless Sunday afternoon in April, a 100-year-old woman named Ida Keeling laced up her mustard yellow sneakers and took to the track at the Fieldston School in the Bronx. Her arrival was met without fanfare. In fact, no one in the stands seemed to notice her at all. It is possible the spectators were distracted by the girls’ soccer game taking place on the field. Or perhaps they were simply unaware that Ms. Keeling is a reigning national champion: Read more