Top News: #PrescriptionDrugSafety

Here are the top read news for #PrescriptionDrugSafety:

pills-liz-baylen-thinne2‘You want a description of hell?’ OxyContin’s 12-hour problem:

On the strength of that promise, OxyContin became America’s bestselling painkiller, and Purdue reaped $31 billion in revenue. But OxyContin’s stunning success masked a fundamental problem: The drug wears off hours early in many people, a Los Angeles Times investigation found. OxyContin is a chemical cousin of heroin, and when it doesn’t last, patients can experience excruciating symptoms of withdrawal, including an intense craving for the drug. The problem offers new insight into why so many people have become addicted to OxyContin, one of the most abused pharmaceuticals in U.S. history: Read more


960x0The FDA Should Remove Warning Label On The Smoking Cessation Drug Chantix:

By removing the black box label for Chantix, the FDA will encourage the broader use of this drug and enable more and more people to quit. It is an action that needs to be taken: Read more



istock_000064042201_large_custom-659492e4e1f15bf8a4187cad28a9c4f3831bb6b3-s800-c85In Prince’s Age Group, Risk Of Opioid Overdose Climbs:

People in their mid-40s to mid-60s are more likely than any other group to be prescribed opioids with benzodiazepines. Both kinds of drugs can hamper breathing and mixing them is especially risky: Read more



Penicillin_cropAllergic to penicillin? You probably aren’t:

…new research suggests that a majority of people who think there are allergic to penicillin are actually not. In fact, in one study, 94 percent of people who believed they were allergic to penicillin tested negative during an allergy test for the drug. All too often, people have a bad experience with penicillin as a child, such as a skin rash following dosage of penicillin, but were never actually tested to see if they were truly allergic: Read more


MACAU-CHINA-US-BUSINESS-GAMING-COMPANY-SANDSCommonly used drug can cause uncontrollable urge to gamble and have sex, FDA says:

Patients taking the antipsychotic drug Abilify, one of the country’s top-selling prescription medications, have reported uncontrollable urges to gamble, binge eat, shop, and have sex, the US Food and Drug Administration said in a warning Tuesday. The drug, also known as aripiprazole, is used to treat schizophrenia, and can be used in combination with other drugs to treat depression: Read more