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shutterstock_905375681Make this the Nurses Week we all want. Here’s how:

Having been a nurse for over 18 years, I have endured a few Nurses Week. At first, I was lured into the charm of my first Nurses Week bag. I had finally arrived: My first official nurse’s bag. I had arrived and for a full week, the folks at the hospital seemed to actually appreciate what we did for our patients. After a few mugs, key chains, beach towels and more bags, the charm quickly grew off: Read more


jovenNurse Satisfaction and Burnout: It’s Not Just Nurses’ Problem Anymore:

There are several initiatives proactive departments and facilities can implement to improve nurse engagement and satisfaction. If you’re just starting out as a nurse or looking for a new job, seek out departments doing these things; and if you’re well-established, suggest them: Read more


conference-600x373Those Head Nurses Know A Thing Or Two About Cleaning:

Colds, flus, mysterious stomach ailments. Hundreds of viral and bacterial infections are passing through hospitals every day, and yet nurses and other medical personnel are able to rise above these sick storms. This is no accident. It takes careful planning and some dedicated work, usually initiated by the head nurse in charge: Read more


572c571701986.imageWhy you should know about the role of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses:

Advanced practice RNs have four designated roles, as outlined by the Campaign for Consensus, a national education and advocacy campaign from the National Council for State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN), and described below. Each allow nurses to make significant contributions to the delivery of health care and provide greater access for patients: Read more


shutterstock_231634663-1Respect your nurse. Your life may depend on it:

During the registration process, the patient, whose husband had brought her to the hospital, decided that the nurses at triage were wasting her time. To expedite treatment, she walked out the front door, crossed two blocks, and called 9-1-1. Surely those who arrive by ambulance would be assessed immediately, she’d figured. And when the triage process began again, she became belligerent, and was sent to the Rapid Assessment Zone in a wheelchair: Read more