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shutterstock_216555247Don’t be ashamed to receive an epidural during childbirth. Here’s why:

Establishing epidural anesthesia as a natural form of birth is a job that we, as health care providers have to take. It is dangerous to assume something is unnatural, as it sets the precedent for something that is negative which can harm mothers and babies. Words have power that can transform our psychology and decision making. Women are bearing all the cost of this “natural vs. unnatural” nonsense: Read more


GettyImages-614274299-650x450Can You have a Vaginal Birth After a C-Section?

If your obstetrician delivered your last baby by caesarean section, you may wonder whether trying for a vaginal birth is a good idea when your next baby comes. Many women do it, but there are risks. The greatest concern is that the scar on your uterus could come open during labor. It’s a serious complication that requires emergency surgery. And it’s dangerous for both you and your baby: Read more


Autism Folic AcidDon’t Stop Taking Folate:

Yesterday morning, the Johns Hopkins University department of Media and Public Relations released information that, as intended, created news. The written press release was titled “Too Much Folate in Pregnant Women Increases Risk for Autism, Study Suggests.” Taking supplemental folate during pregnancy is still firmly, clearly recommended: Read more


AP_Sara_Mujica_Zika_Floating_jrl_160509_12x5_1600Pregnant Connecticut teen shocked to learn she has Zika:

Sara Mujica, 17, of Danbury, said she found out she was pregnant in March while she was visiting Victor Cruz, her fiance and the baby’s father, in Honduras. At the time of the pregnancy test, she said she was getting over an illness that gave her rashes, headaches and neck aches. She thought it was related to fish she had eaten, not Zika: Read more


Bar-genericBars Can’t Ban Pregnant Women or Refuse Them Drinks: Agency:

Pregnant women can’t be kept out of New York City bars or refused alcoholic drinks just because they’re expecting, under new city guidelines. But the guidance also warns against bouncers refusing to let mothers-to-be into bars or restaurants refusing to serve them alcohol, which the U.S. Surgeon General and major medical associations say women should avoid during pregnancy: Read more