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wine-istock000020173399largeAlcohol and high blood pressure may not mix:

Even an ounce of alcohol a day might alter heart function if you have high blood pressure, researchers report. For someone with high blood pressure, drinking — even in small amounts — can impair functioning of the lower left chamber of the heart, which pumps blood to the rest of the body, according to a new study from Italy: Read more


handful-of-dirty-potatoesHigh potato intake linked to high blood pressure:

New research, published this week in The BMJ, puts a worrying new slant on a global staple – the humble potato. Researchers link increased potato intake to high blood pressure in adults. The study is only observational, but the findings are likely to spark debate: Read more



portableultrEven Frail, Older Adults Could Benefit From Intensive Blood Pressure Reduction:

Adults with hypertension who are age 75 years and older, including those who are frail and with poor overall health, could benefit from lowering their blood pressure below current medical guidelines. The multi-institutional investigation was published online in The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) and presented at the American Geriatrics Society Annual Scientific Meeting on May 19: Read more


Johns-Hopkins-Medicine-340Novel Lab Test May Advance Diagnosis of Rare But Dangerous Pregnancy Condition:

A laboratory blood test developed at Johns Hopkins for the diagnosis of a rare genetic red blood cell disorder also shows promise in identifying HELLP syndrome, a life-threatening high blood pressure condition affecting 1 percent of all pregnant women that causes hypertension along with end organ damage, researchers report in the May issue of the journal Experimental Hematology: Read more