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when-things-go-wrong-operationally-nurses-feel-the-pain-first_1When things go wrong operationally, nurses feel the pain first:

Twenty years of experience and research reveal two indispensable truths about hospitals and health care organizations that can no longer be ignored: Those institutions neglecting the basic fundamentals of patient care risk jeopardizing the quality and safety of care they provide. Nothing can have a greater short and long-term impact on the cost of delivering health care services than nurses: Read more


imrs.phpTo cut wait times, VA wants nurses to act like doctors. Doctors say veterans will be harmed:

The plan, which would allow nurses with advanced training to broaden their responsibilities for patients, is drawing attention to a bitter debate over the relative roles of doctors and nurses. Because of VA’s high visibility, it is likely to be closely watched. The agency, through amended regulations, wants to give vast new authority to its most trained nurses to order and read diagnostic tests, administer anesthesia, prescribe medications and manage acute and chronic diseases — without a doctor’s oversight: Read more


www.usnews.comAt Least 1 Full-Time Nurse Per School, Pediatric Group Recommends:

In the past, the AAP supported having one school nurse for every 750 healthy students and one nurse for every 225 students who needed professional nursing assistance. But these ratios aren’t enough to meet the health needs of today’s students, the new policy says: Read more



21-Military-Nurses-V02-600x373Is the Military a Good Place to Kick Start Your Nursing Career?:

The United States military is a fantastic place for nurses to see new places, learn new techniques and get the chance to serve the country alongside other brave men and women. Serving in the military as a nurse builds on your skills in a way that you don’t get in civilian settings. Nurses who are unsure of what they want to do after being certified may want to consider all of the benefits that being a military nurse brings: Read more


AR-160519313.jpg&maxw=800&q=90Aiken Technical nursing students gain invaluable experience in sim-lab:

The sim-patient simulates breathing, vital signs and even blinks its eyes. An instructor controls the scenario from the other side of a two-way mirror in an adjacent room. The instructor’s voice is broadcast from the sim-patient through a microphone system, allowing the students to interact and address issues as if working with a live patient. The students must manage complaints of pain, breathing concerns, blood samples, hunger and even calls from nature: Read more