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proxyMastectomy followed by standard therapy improves survival in stage IV breast cancer patients:

Surgery to remove the primary tumor in women diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer, followed by the standard combination of therapies, adds months to the patients’ lives, compared with standard therapy alone, an international clinical trial led by a University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute (UPCI) professor revealed: Read more


20160526_tracyclark_001_smaller_custom-55567c5badf4d24e699f703bf834b3aff9242159-s800-c85Hidden Heart Disease Is The Top Health Threat For U.S. Women:

Every year in the U.S. about 40,000 women die from breast cancer, according to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Meanwhile, roughly 10 times that number die from heart disease. Greater awareness and advances in detection and treatment have dramatically decreased breast cancer deaths over the past few decades, Bairey Merz explains. But heart disease now claims the life of 1 in every 4 women: Read more


160531113333_1_540x360Female smokers more likely to kick the habit by ‘timing’ their quit date with their menstrual cycle, study shows:

The researchers theorized that the natural fluctuations in ovarian hormones that occur over the course of the monthly menstrual cycle affect how women make decisions regarding reward — smoking a cigarette — and so-called “smoking cues,” which are the people, places and things that they associate with smoking, such as the smell of a lit cigarette or going on their coffee break. These “appetitive reminders” to smoke are perceived as pleasant and wanted, and similar to cigarettes, are also rewarding: Read more


960x0Preemies Get Boost in Pertussis Protection From Mom’s Vaccination:

This strategy is not only effective at reducing newborns’ risk of pertussis, it’s also safe for mother and baby and ensures that the mother’s immunity is in tip top shape. Mothers are second only to siblings in transmitting pertussis to babies. Also known as whooping cough, or the “100-day cough,” pertussis is most dangerous in babies under 2 months old. These young infants have the highest risk of death from pertussis: Read more


Woman Eating Frozen Yogurt With BerriesFeeling Bloated? 5 Odd Reasons for Your Stomach Pains:

We’ve all felt miserable from overeating after a big meal, especially if it involves too many carbohydrates (think: heavy pasta dinner). But have you ever wondered why you sometimes feel bloated even when you didn’t stuff yourself? Certain foods — or foods and drinks with certain ingredients — cause more bloating than others. Registered dietitian Anna Taylor explains which foods and ingredients cause problems and why: Read more