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5.26Why The Surfer Girl Hid Moss Under Her Leg Cast: Lessons I Learned From My Patients:

After a week of these cursory daily rounds, Samantha surprised us. Just as we turned to leave, she said, “There’s moss growing under my leg cast.” This got our attention. We huddled around her bed, pulled back the sheets and began to fire questions at her. “When did you first notice it?” “Are you having any pain?” “Does it itch or burn?”: Read more


shutterstock_226536673-1We cured her, but the result was unacceptable:

The news devastated me. We had cured her (I think), but the result was unacceptable. It was as if the decision to proceed with surgery was made for her, not with her. That we had not given her enough time to consider alternative options, including the one not to do any further treatment. Because of her, I have learned to voice my opinion and to engage my colleagues in a truly multidisciplinary way: Read more


areyougettinAre you getting the best health care? Evidence says maybe not:

When you go to the hospital, you probably think you’re going to receive the best, most current care. Otherwise, you would not entrust your care to that hospital. Evidence suggests, however, that you might be wrong. In fact, based on a study I conducted with a team this year, we found that one in three hospitals is not meeting performance metrics. Failure to implement practices based on the best available evidence is one cause. A lack of knowledge and skills, budget constraints and inadequate resources are some of the reasons, in turn, that hospitals cite for not implementing nursing care based on evidence: Read more


Old-HospitalThe I.C.U. Is Not a Pause Button:

When a family member is in the I.C.U., it’s not enough to call. You need to drop what you’re doing and be at that person’s side, figuring out what is best for them. Doctors, nurses and technicians care about patients, but sometimes we cannot express our care by doing what we think is best for them. In the I.C.U., that is not our job. Our job is to preserve life: Read more



2675693445_3be73c7dae_z-300x201VIP treatment: Med student explores the ethics of giving some patients special care:

Medical students are often told to give patients “the best possible care.” This sounds like a straightforward directive, but knowing what this means and putting it into practice can be tricky. Does the best possible care differ from the best care? If so, can doctors give every patient what they believe is the best care, or is it only feasible to give each patient the best care possible given the circumstances?: Read more