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lazyeyechild‘Lazy eye’ childhood condition can be treated in adults:

Dr. McDonnell corrected her vision in a two-hour outpatient surgical procedure in which the six extraocular (outer) eye muscles are tightened and/or loosened to achieve alignment: Read more



160611125332_1_540x360Eye study underscores the long-lasting benefits of controlling diabetes:

People with type 2 diabetes who intensively controlled their blood sugar level during the landmark ACCORD Trial Eye Study were found to have cut their risk of diabetic retinopathy in half in a follow-up analysis conducted four years after stopping intensive therapy: Read more



2015_opternative-3b21029ca40fe5dfd58faa4a345f512e8b789036-s400-c85Online Eye Exam Site Makes Waves In Eye Care Industry:

All sorts of health information is now a few taps away on your smartphone, from how many steps you take — to how well you sleep at night. But what if you could use your phone and a computer to test your vision? A company is doing just that — and eye care professionals are upset. Some states have even banned it: Read more



Eye drop applicator in women's handWhich Drops Are Best for Your Itchy, Red or Dry Eyes?

There are many over-the-counter eye drops available to relieve itchy, red or watery eyes. But the types of eye drops available on pharmacy or supermarket shelves vary as much as the possible causes of your eye irritation. How do you know which eye drops will work best for you? Ophthalmologist Peter McGannon, MD, breaks down eye-drop products into three categories based on their active ingredients: Read more


ct-ct-one-simple-thing-eye-health-greens-jpg-20160519A diet to help prevent serious eye illness:

Want a diet that might help your eyes? Think green. Chicago ophthalmologist Dr. Jonathan Rosin recommends a diet rich in green, leafy vegetables, plus adding in two servings of fish a week. “It’s all the things that mom told you to do,” Rosin said: Read more