Top News: #Diabetes

Here are the top read news for #Diabetes:

a-can-of-soda-pouring-out-sugarDiet Soda and Diabetes: Things to Consider:

While diet soda may be a sugar-free alternative to regular soda, that does not necessarily make it healthier. It is true that diet sodas do not contain sugars, and have little to no calories. Because of this, diet sodas are thought to help reduce risk or control diabetes symptoms. However, this may not be the case: Read more



Diabetic person experiencing hypoglycaemia or a sugar crash.Low Blood Sugar? 8 Warning Signs if You Have Diabetes:

Symptoms may vary from person to person; not everyone has the same warning signs. The problems are sometimes mild, but if they’re severe and left untreated, they could lead to seizures or unconsciousness. Here’s what you need to know to recognize hypoglycemia when it happens — as well as steps you can take to help avoid the problem: Read more



woman-carrying-a-bag-of-vegetablesHealthy vegetarian diet reduces type 2 diabetes risk substantially:

It is common knowledge that eating fruits and vegetables is essential to maintain a healthy body. It is also becoming clear, as research mounts, that a diet featuring fewer animal products is also a healthier option: Read more




dr_emily_examines_patinet_eyesEye Study Underscores the Long-lasting Benefits of Controlling Diabetes:

NIH-funded study shows less diabetic retinopathy progression among those who underwent intensive glycemic control: Read more




a-person-rushes-off-toward-a-toiletWhat’s the Connection Between Diabetes and Diarrhea?:

No one wants to talk about diarrhea. More so, no one wants to experience it. Unfortunately, diarrhea is often the body’s natural way of expelling waste in liquid form when a bacterial or viral infection, or parasite is present. However, there are other things that can cause diarrhea for everyone, and some things that can cause diarrhea specifically in those with diabetes: Read more