Top News: #DrugSafety

Here are the top read news for #DrugSafety:

Front view of Pill BottlesBy Sharing Painkillers, Friends and Family Members Can Fuel Opioid Epidemic: Study:

It is not news that most people who use prescription painkillers for nonmedical reasons often get them through social channels rather than a physician. In 2013 — the most recent year for which this data is available — the National Survey on Drug Use and Health estimated that number to be more than 80 percent: Read more


zecuity1Teva Pharmaceuticals Pulling Zecuity Migraine Patch After Users Reported Burns, Scars:

Zecuity is a disposable, battery-powered patch that you can stick on your upper arm or thigh to get relief from migraines. It delivers medicine through the skin, skin which is becoming red, discolored, cracked, or painful to touch where the patch was applied for some users: Read more


26512094283_e9bc5fae2f_k-810x607Scientists work to protect the kidneys from powerful cancer drug:

Cisplatin is a common, powerful chemotherapy agent used for a wide range of cancers such as breast, ovarian and lung, that in a handful of days can also permanently damage or destroy patients’ kidneys. Now researchers want to turn the tide by protecting the kidneys while improving cisplatin’s efficacy against cancer: Read more



EpilepsyWhat To Do When Medicine No Longer Stops Your Epileptic Seizures:

More than 20 medications are approved in the United States for treating various types of epilepsies. More than two-thirds of patients with epilepsy can control their seizures with one or more medications. Epilepsy is considered drug-resistant if seizures continue despite treatment with two or more anti-epileptic medications: Read more


960x0This Diabetes Drug Saves Lives. You Can Thank The FDA:

That fact – that companies and patients are likely to benefit from the FDA’s toughness – goes against one of the common narratives in the drug industry and among the FDA’s critics: that high regulations slow patients’ access. In some cases, it’s clear, they also create a bar for industry to leap over, and deliver billions of dollars in spoils to companies that actually manage to help patients, not just blood test results. The Victoza result is exactly the kind of marketing claim that makes a drug company salivate: Novo Nordisk can now tell patients and their insurers that the alternative to its drug is an earlier death: Read more