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160616071935_1_540x360Women’s long work hours linked to alarming increases in cancer, heart disease:

Women who put in long hours for the bulk of their careers may pay a steep price: life-threatening illnesses, including heart disease and cancer. Work weeks that averaged 60 hours or more over three decades appear to triple the risk of diabetes, cancer, heart trouble and arthritis for women, according to new research: Read more


tamponExperimental Toxic Shock Vaccine Passes Early Clinical Trial With Flying Colors:

The end may soon be nigh for toxic shock syndrome (TSS), provided an experimental vaccine developed by Austrian pharmaceutical company Biomedizinische Forschungsgesellschaft mbH continues to prove its mettle: Read more


breast-cancer-cellsBreast cancer: Existing drug shows promise for prevention in high-risk women:

In a study published the journal Nature Medicine, researchers reveal how the drug denosumab halted the growth of pre-cancerous cells in breast tissue of women with a faulty BRCA1 gene: Read more


Fast-food-kanser-nedeni-300x200Study ignores possibility that drugs, chemicals affect sexes differently:

As a recent U.S. Government Accountability Office study reported, 80 percent of the drugs withdrawn from the market are removed due to side effects on women. For example, in 2013—20 years after the drug first became available—the recommended dosage of a popular sedative for women was cut in half after it was realized that women process the drug more slowly than men and were experiencing serious side effects as a result: Read more


Wdowik-200x300Finding a fiber that fits:

Have you given much thought to the fiber in your diet? Probably not, if you are like most Americans. While recommended intakes of dietary fiber range from 21-25 grams per day for women to 30-38 for men (depending on age), average intake in this country is about 15 grams for both genders. It may be a bigger deal than you think: Read more