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South Florida Begins Mass Distribution Of H1N1 VaccineFlu-Miffed: Piecing Together Clues on How FluMist Lost Its Place In The Flu-Fighting Toolbox:

What led to the abrupt fall of FluMist — the nasal spray version of influenza vaccine — which until recently was considered the preferred alternative to the injectable vaccine for younger children? No one is quite sure, but there were hints of trouble for the past three flu seasons: Read more


Spectacles3 Problems That Affect Kids’ Eyes and What to Do About Them:

Hearing that your child has a vision problem isn’t easy, but most respond well to treatment. “Fortunately, most childhood eye conditions are easily treated if they are diagnosed at an early age,” says Allison Babiuch, MD. “That’s because children’s eyes and brains are quite adaptable.” Discover why three eye problems develop in childhood and how they can be treated: Read more



image1Report updates guidance on sedation in children undergoing medical, dental procedures:

New guidance on pediatric sedation recommends more advanced skills on the part of practitioners, unifies guidelines for medicine and dentistry, and offers clarifications on monitoring modalities and other methods to improve safety and outcomes: Read more



Blonde-Boy-with-Sparkler_300xTreating and Preventing Hand Injuries from Fireworks:

These accidental, preventable wounds can be life-changing: A person’s thumb and palm control approximately 50% of hand function, and that same area is the most frequently damaged in firework injuries: Read more




The infant with allergic diathesis at homeDermatologists: Daily bath OK for kids with eczema:

Although some doctors advise against giving a daily bath to kids with the skin condition eczema, a new paper says a daily soak is fine as long as it’s followed by plenty of moisturizer: Read more