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manzielThe warning signs of mental illness and addiction:

“If you or someone you know is exhibiting these symptoms, absolutely get them checked out by a pediatrician or physician,” Klapow said. “It’s important to remember that having a mental or emotional problem does not necessarily mean you will become violent, but paying attention to our mental health is a critical healthy habit.”: Read more


therapyforwealthy_custom-56c83e20c1591a3eae7a7a527c595a9e4b807f51-s1100-c15How Therapy Became A Hobby Of The Wealthy, Out Of Reach For Those In Need:

The growing workforce of psychiatrists, psychologists, marriage and family therapists, and licensed social workers has responded to that market demand. And not just because it’s better money. Treating high-functioning professionals in a private office is a lot less stressful than doing rounds on a psychiatric ward in a public hospital: Read more


Mental health image‘Black folk don’t get no severe depression’:

In the study, Alang suggests that African Americans perceive depression as a weakness inconsistent with notions of strength in the community, rather than as a health condition. The study results have significant implications for the clinical assessment of depression and for the measurement of depression in community surveys: Read more


ryan_outside 1_biz statSome hospitals resist new fresh air rules for psychiatric patients:

The rules require hospitals to grant mental health patients daily access to the outdoors. But up to 20 hospitals, including Massachusetts General, plan to seek waivers to the new rules, citing a lack of space. Those hospitals represent about one-third of psychiatric facilities statewide. The rules present a tug-of-war over patients’ rights, doctors’ judgment, and the logistical demands of running a hospital in an urban environment: Read more

geel-toni-luc_custom-0eac21c55625f99a57b06287c337c68122aaa5ef-s1100-c15For Centuries, A Small Town Has Embraced Strangers With Mental Illness:

Like all of the guests in the town today, Ennekans first went to a public psychiatric hospital in Geel that manages the boarder program. Ennekans saw medical professionals and received treatment and an evaluation. Then he was paired with a household. His hosts, Toni Smit and Arthur Shouten, say that living with Ennekans was rough at the start: Read more