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wellwater-articleInlineMilk and Other Surprising Ways to Stay Hydrated:

The results showed that four beverages — oral rehydration solution, like Pedialyte; fat-free milk; whole milk and orange juice — had a significantly higher hydration index than water. The first three had hydration index scores around 1.5, with orange juice doing slightly better than water at 1.1. Oral rehydration solutions are specifically formulated to combat serious dehydration such as that resulting from chronic diarrhea.: Read more


la-1468081056-snap-photoThose pricey alkaline waters aren’t doing much for your health, expert says:

There is scant scientific evidence, however, that drinking alkaline water has any effect on health, other than to temporarily relieve heartburn. (Like the calcium carbonate in antacid tablets, mineral ions in alkaline water can neutralize stomach acid.): Read more


evenmilddehyEven mild dehydration can alter mood:

Most people only think about drinking water when they are thirsty; but by then it may already be too late. Even mild dehydration can alter a person’s mood, energy level, and ability to think clearly, according to two studies recently conducted at the University of Connecticut’s Human Performance Laboratory: Read more



110707_BH_011_Quizon_Sheena-201x300Juicing and Smoothie Considerations:

Though promoted as an easy and refreshing way to lose weight and consume more vitamins and minerals, it is important to consult with your physician or other health care provider before starting any kind of juicing or smoothie program. The University of Alabama’s Sheena Quizon Gregg shares a few things to keep in mind before incorporating a juicing or smoothie regimen as part of your regular dietary intake: Read more


US-COMPANY-SOYLENTSoylent Is Healthier Than the Average North American Diet:

Food tastes better than Soylent. On that, there is universal agreement. Bland in flavor but audacious in concept, everything else about the beige food replacement is fiercely contested. Foodies decry the decline of experiential eating, cultural critics bemoan the loss of communal mealtimes, and others warn of techno-hubris. There have also been questions about Soylent’s nutritional content, and yet, the company’s proprietary mix is almost certainly an improvement on the average North American diet: Read more