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Leo-Cod-Liver-Oil-1920x1440Do Alternative Treatments for Autism Work?:

The treatments range from special diets and supplements — two of the most frequently tried interventions — to music or animal therapy. But parents have little guidance from medical science, because the evidence for alternatives is thin, if it exists at all: Read more



npr.tm13_wide-e35a77309a5dc54989aac9a83d0d71889523f499-s800-c85Hope Still Races Ahead Of Evidence In Magnet Treatment For Autism:

The treatment in this case is transcranial magnetic stimulation, and the mother is a Minneapolis woman named Kim Hollingsworth Taylor. In 2012, Taylor’s son, age 14 at the time and on the high-functioning end of the autism spectrum, was part of a trial of TMS that seemed to relieve a few of his autism symptoms for several days, making him able to read social cues more accurately and to complete cognitive tasks in far less time than before: Read more


WellTieskenower-tmagArticleMy Autistic Son’s Lesson: No One Is Broken:

That was when my wife, Jen, learned about the practice called joining. The idea behind it, which she discovered in Barry Neil Kaufman’s book “Son-Rise,” is brilliant in its simplicity. We wanted Sawyer to be with us. We did not want him to live in this bubble of his own creation. And so, instead of telling him to stop pretending and join us, we started pretending and joined himRead more



jonesnpr1_wide-7fc5c48ade315d25c172302ad7cd7c449485f4c4-s1100-c15From Father To Father, A Few Words Of Wisdom On Raising Kids With Autism:

“Two kids on the spectrum. It’s like a heavy load, like picking up a mountain,” Merkerson says. “And back then, I was in a shell, I wasn’t even explaining how I was feeling.” When he met Jones and his son, Merkerson says things began to change. “It’s been totally different, just the fact that you’re not alone dealing with this. That right there changed my life, period.”: Read more


577660fa1800002500fa3826Dollywood Adds Special Features For Kids With Autism Spectrum Disorders:

Dollywood team leader Judy Toth had the idea when she noticed a huge swell of kids with autism spectrum disorders coming through the park’s ride accessibility center. Parents had been using bathrooms and the park’s first aid station for places to help their kids avoid or recover from sensory overload. But now, they have somewhere to go. If not for the new room, many recent visitors “probably never would’ve gotten to experience coming to a theme park,” Toth told HuffPost: Read more