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image.img.320.high5 Questions: Randall Stafford advocates a plant-based diet:

Disappointed by this aspect of the USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2015-2020, Stafford wrote a letter to the editor of JAMA that was published July 12. “The health benefits of specific components of plants have been documented, as have the harms associated with constituents largely unique to meat,” he wrote. “Vegetarian diets have been associated with a reduction in cardiovascular disease mortality by as much as 29 percent and cancer incidence by 18 percent.”: Read more


baggedsalad_custom-4aa3444ff6f5fdd257eb12d2b9584281880d5d53-s800-c85As Bagged Salad Kits Boom, Americans Eat More Greens:

Now, if you’re like us, you may have some hesitation about grab-and-go salads. Do bagged greens lose freshness? Are they less nutritious or less safe? Or are these suspicions simply the result of old-fashioned prejudice? We decided to find some answers: Read more


image.axdCartoon characters can easily convince kids to eat veggies, research finds:

Marketing vegetables in school lunchrooms using the Super Sprowtz – a team of fun-loving characters with super powers – as much as tripled the percentage of elementary school students choosing items from the salad bar, found researchers led by Andrew Hanks of The Ohio State University: Read more


920x920Baby fed vegan diet hospitalized and removed from parents:

His calcium level was at the minimum needed to survive and this was exacerbating a heart condition that required him to undergo emergency surgery. The surgery was successful and the baby is recovering well but will not return to the hands of his parents because doctors say the child suffered due to a strict vegan diet: Read more


Fresh Green Iceberg lettuce5 Veggies That Don’t Deserve the Hype: Your Dietitian’s Picks:

First, let’s set the record straight: You really can’t go wrong with vegetables. They’re a fantastic food group and a key part of every healthy diet. That said, some veggies pack a bigger nutritional punch than others. Here are the veggies your dietitian would downplay in favor of other, more nourishing options: Read more